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Are you longing to live soul-first

& discover who you are at a deeper level?


Receive introductions to the thirteen faces of the Goddess,

activate the codes of remembrance within your cells,

& trace your ancient wisdom from to the lands of Egypt through your veins 

as you learn to co-create a new future from your blossoming relationship with Divine Mother.





I'm Greyson, and I am an ordained priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage, a humble student of the teachings of the mysteries from the principles of the Divine Feminine to Gnostic Christianity; from the archetypes of Ancient Egypt, to the wisdom of Nature, the five elements & the Cosmos.

I am a practicing alchemist, privileged to focalize circles dedicated to helping others remember the abundant, whole and radiant Souls they are. I guide others to transmute the unconscious patterns we all carry so that together, we can live lives that embody deep passion &  devotion. 

With a small group of devoted initiates, I facilitate both virtual and in-person immersions across the United States & in Egypt....and watch the mystery unfold from within us and the experiences I have the honor to co-create.

I bow to those who have come before me and shepherded me through my journey of remembrance on this path of initiation...the grandmothers, the sisters, the allies, the ones who've woken me up when I get caught in the dream, and the dreamers who continue to wake me up to the infinite, overflowing truth of unconditional love.


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& how you can work with me

Once a year, I open the doors to a 13-month deep dive into the feminine mysteries.

A few seats are available by application for the new circle starting this October/November.

In January 2025, a nine-month program Entering the Egyptian Mysteries will guide you through connecting with the mythology of Ancient Egypt. 

In September 2025, you can join me and an intimate group of souls for a sacred pilgrimage through the Temples of Egypt, including a private sailboat down the Nile.

One-on-one private mentoring is also available to those who wish to move through these vast explorations in their own space & time.

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"I feel so supported, so nourished, and so blessed by Greyson and by this extraordinary immersion I had the privilege of experiencing.

I cannot wait to dive deeper into these waters and uncover the gems awaiting there. 

This week has been nothing short of exceptional for me, and I believe I have been upgraded and rewired at different levels I am not completely conscious of. I just feel it. And the joy has been immense!!!

Even my beloved husband is sensing and is picking up the upgrade I have received!"

-Doris Navarro

"I understand what alchemy is now: 

Moving through the patterns and old stories through ritual in a way that would take 10 years of therapy on the couch to process.

I feel clearer with my children and my capability of being who I authentically am with them now. I’m sure the old me would have been more comfortable and easy, but as we know, this road of life isn’t always comfortable and there’s another way to play through it when we open to the archetypes.

Energetically I’m now able to have an exchange with people where I look them in the eye and they feel seen in a deeper way. They may not know what it is, but my capacity to be a sacred witness for someone in that depth reaches a level I didn’t know possible before this."

-Robin K

"I am so grateful for all that transpired within my soul during this immersion.


Those women are so incredible and the energy was powerful and transformative. I am excited to do this for the rest of my life.

Thank you for taking this path and so beautifully setting it up for those that follow."

-Diana Lund

"Zoom is a surprisingly powerful medium for this work, and yet, participating in an in-person retreat creates shift unlike any other experience.

The depth of alchemy possible in the cauldron of energetics created when initiates are transmuting together creates a field of exponential potential.

Everyone has an opportunity to add their magic and medicine in a far more fluid way and the added benefit of spending multiple days together creates bonds and a feeling of safety that supports one in diving even more deeply."

-Sharon E.

Egyptian Pilgrimage

Walk the sacred lands of Ancient Egypt with a small group of initiates devoted to sacred travel in September 2025.

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13 Moon Mystery School 

Apply to join this year-long initiation into the 13 Faces of the Goddess and the many facets of the feminine within You.

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Egyptian Mysteries Course

Join this nine-month online container exploring the archetypes of the Ancient Egyptian Cosmology. 

Begins January 2025

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