As a Priestess devoted to walking as an emissary of Divine Mother's Love, with the brilliant team both above & below, I am building the foundation of this temple. 

After over a decade of deep diving into the realms of the Divine Feminine, archetypal embodiment and inner alchemy, the time has come to serve others as a midwife of their Soul....just as the below guides, mentors, teachers & soul allies have done and continue to do for me.

You can learn more about my human endeavors and the gifts I'm cultivating here.




Sarah uMa has served my soul's evolution in infinite ways. She has been my primary initiator and mentor in the 13 Moon Mystery School and embodies the wacky, weird Wise Woman archetype while shapeshifting into her divine child and unicorn self on a daily basis-even at Costco! She will be weaving with us in this temple for in-person immersions in Santa Barbara and beyond. You can discover more about this extraordinary being here.





Ariel is the founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School and the scribe through whom The Alchemy of Ecstasy was birthed. She holds the temple space of the mothership of this work-The Sanctuary of the Open Heart and is truly the embodiment of unconditional love. It is Ariel whose galactic call rang the bell within my heart and called me home to the Mother. My gratitude is endless. Play in the realms of the holographic goddess, her wellspring of creativity and wisdom here.

Jade Lotus




Jade Lotus is the templekeeper of the Emerald Temple, creator of the holy oil blends she downloaded from a lucid dream in an Egyptian temple. I had the exquisite joy of going through her Scent Priestess Anointing Training in 2015, which started me on my path of remembrance as an alchemist of oils. I could not be more grateful for Jade Lotus' mentorship, impeccable storytelling and loving heart. You can discover more about her and her oils here.




As a 13 Moon initiate, Delphine is deeply devoted to the discovery of Truth - that which deeply resonates within each of us. As a serial entrepreneur, she continues to hone her craft as a voice talent, accessory designer and web designer. She is currently co-producing a documentary film on the topic of Mothering and is the host of the podcast, Another Kind of Mother.

Delphine has taught me incredible amounts about the gift of sisterhood, what it means to live on a daily basis in temple space, and how to give voice to the deepest parts of ourselves. I'm also incredibly grateful for her skill in website development. You can learn more about her here.




Doris Graziela Navarro, PhD is a ceremonialist, soul-guide, Earth intuitive, medicine woman, and the founder of Woman of Gaia, where she holds the torch for those undergoing the dark night of the soul, supporting them as they uncover and embody their true essence and purpose, unapologetically. She loves laughter, deep conversations, chasing the moon, and communing with wild nature. One of her joys is to gather with other beings in circle (and when possible, around the fire and under the night sky!), and to bring the Earth’s wisdom, healing, and magic into her daily life and practice.

Doris blesses my life every day with the authenticity of her heart, her devotion to this path and her endless willingness to face all that arises as we polish the diamonds of our hearts. 



Kai is a mystic, a medicine carrier, a practicing medium, and a passionate writer who strives to help people fall in love with themselves.

He is enthusiastic about helping others walk the journey of a thousand petals ‚Äď a journey toward self-acceptance and the discovery of self-love.

Kai is my mentor in the realms of mediumship, as well as the Afro-Brazilian traditions of Umbanda,Candomblé and Santo Daime. He has been a true guide into finding my truest nature, an exploration of the Orishas, and the herbs, plants, and practices which are meant to help us understand our lives through the lens of nature and its personified archetypes. Learn more about him here.




My dear sister¬†Zahra Indigo R√łnlov, opened the door for me to the Egyptian Mysteries my soul was longing to re-member in this lifetime. I've traveled beside her in those lands three times now and each time deepens both my trust in the mysteries and our¬†invaluable sisterhood.

Indigo is an incredible teacher, writer, healer and treasured sister of Ma'at who resides in Oregon and shares many gifts of Alchemical Healing & deepening with the Neteru of Egypt.